The Boston Boy Choir


Date:  02/10/2013
Time:  1:30 pm
Cost: $20.00 / attendee
$15.00 / attendee (student rate)
$15.00 / attendee (senior citizen rate)
$25.00 / attendee (preferred seating)

The celebrated Boston Boy Choir, trained as the only Catholic boy choir school in the United States, celebrates their 50th Anniversary with a special concert at the Church of Saint Catherine of Siena! The men and boys of the Boston Boy Choir will sing at the Noon Mass, after which they will give a concert at 1:30 p.m. featuring works by John Taverner, Robert Parsons, Palestrina, Brahms, Handel, Vaughan Williams, and many more! Preferred Seating: $25.00 | General Admission: $20.00 | Students & Seniors: $15.00

Registration is required for this event!

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